Working Student Registration

General Information

Panther Creek’s Working Student Program serves the needs of students 12 and older who would like to learn more about horse care and barn management while earning a discount on their riding, therapy or show fees.

Regular Working Students commit to working the same day/time shift for the duration of the semester; NO MORE THAN 2 SHIFTS PER WEEK unless otherwise approved. If you can not commit to a regular time each week, we would still love to have you!

Students are expected to commit to training activities, arrive on schedule and on time for each shift throughout the session, clock in an clock out properly for tracking purposes, and ask their supervisor for help as needed. The working student dollars are applied to each monthly invoice before it is due. In the event that the student accrues funding in excess of current invoices, these dollars will be held over to apply against future costs.

Student Information

Parent email is fine if that is the best option
Parent Phone is fine if that is the best option
Please provide a secondary contact phone number


Working students may be scheduled for UP TO 2 shifts per week (monday-sunday). Please only select two shifts of the available shifts below. If you are not able to commit to a regular schedule, we would still love to have you! Simply scroll down and indicate that at the end of the form.
I would like to be a working student, but can't commit to a regular schedule.
If you would like to help out, but can not commit to the same day/time each week, click the box below! Please be sure if you click “Yes”, that you are NOT signed up for any of the shifts above.