PCS Riding Levels

PCS Riding Level Information


*Students ages 4-8 years old with who have not taken regular riding lessons in the past

Level 1

*Beginner students, or those who have not completed all items in level 2

Level 2

*Comfortably ask horse to walk and halt
*Steer through cones at a walk
*Comfortably ask horse to move up to a trot and back down to a walk
*Steer through cones at a trot
*Post the trot
*Sit the trot
*Comfortably ride in a group and pass other riders

Level 3

*Comfortably ask horse to move up into canter and come back down to a trot
*Canter a lap on the rail
*Canter a circle
*Identify correct canter lead
*Identify correct diagonal (English)
*Two point position over a cavaletti (English)
*Jump a cross rail (English)
*Trot the barrel pattern (western)
*Trot the pole pattern (western)

Level 4

*Ask for and identify the correct canter lead and a counter canter
*Ride with connection (English)
*Ride with split reins (Western)
*Back up
*Complete a Figure 8 and change of direction on the diagonal
*Complete a simple lead change
*Canter a vertical (English)
*Canter the barrel pattern (Western)
*Complete a Western turnback on the rail (Western)
*Collect and extend horse’s stride at a walk, trot, and canter