PCS Lesson Student Policies

 Payment: Lessons will be billed monthly for each semester, with the first month due before the start date for the semester. Invoices are sent via email. Students who are behind on payment will not be allowed to sign up for the next semester until payment is received, and if payment is severely in arrears with no payment option established, may be dismissed from the program.  Group lessons that do not fill to 3 or more students will either be rescheduled or charged as a semiprivate or private lesson.  Payments 2 weeks or more overdue will incur a $25/week late fee.  Students with overdue invoices from the previous month will not be able to continue with lessons until payment is up to date.

Cancellation Policy

Student Registration is considered binding, and both the semester deposit amount and any remaining fees will be due. Each student is eligible for ONE make up lesson per 8 weeks of lessons that are canceled by the student or caregiver.  The lesson must be canceled at least 2 hours ahead of time to be eligible for a makeup, no exceptions.  Panther Creek may choose to cancel lessons as well, in the event of a weather concern, equine or instructor illness, or other emergency.  If this happens we will do our best to alert students at least 2 hours ahead of time.  Panther Creek instructors will be available on rotation each Sunday during the semester for make up lessons. This schedule is made available in a separate document.  Students who need a make up lesson will register for any sunday during the semester for their make up lesson.  

Schedule Changes

During a semester, students may need changes to their schedule due to changing riding level or life schedule.  Should a student need to move to a different lesson time, or leave their lessons entirely, the student or their guardian must provide 30 days’ notice in writing to info@panthercreekstables.com. Students or guardians must also give 30 day notice if they are requesting a lesson change that will result in a price change (example: changing from group lesson to private lesson due to schedule change of another rider or personal preference).  Students will owe for any lessons within that 30 day period regardless of attendance.  A student’s instructor may also see fit to recommend a student change classes due to a change in riding level or discipline.  Any changes recommended by an instructor will come with a 30 day notice as well before any schedule changes are made.


  • Long pants and closed toe shoes are required for every mounted lesson.  
  • Closed toe shoes required of any person entering the barn area at all times
  • Jackets must be zipped up; can not be tied around the waist
  • Level 2 students must wear boots with a heel
  • Level 3-4 English students are asked to be equipped with breeches and paddock boots/half chaps or tall boots for mounted lessons
  • Level 3-4 Western students are asked to wear boot cut jeans and cowboy/cowgirl boots for mounted lessons

Weather Policies

Windchill/Cold Temps

Feels Like at 30 degrees: At 30 degree windchill, lessons will be shortened to 30 minutes. Unmounted lessons or continuation will be provided. Windchill lessons are the discretion of the instructor. At a Feels Like below 25 degrees, mounted lessons are canceled and an unmounted lesson will be provided at instructor discretion.


Feels Like at 100: under saddle lessons shortened and slowed down, or regular lesson time at a reduced pace, dependent on horse ability and health. Unmounted lessons may also be implemented. At instructor discretion. Feels Like at 105 and over: No mounted lessons. Unmounted lessons will be provided. Working students will remain in barn/in covered areas for chores.


Rain: Panther Creek does not cancel lessons for rain.  Students are asked to monitor road conditions for their own drive to PCS, and let their instructor know if they will not make it due to weather.  Lessons are held in the rain at instructor discretion. Unmounted lessons will be provided on an as-needed basis. Mounted lessons may also be shortened if rain is particularly heavy.  Lightning/Thunder/Wind: Under saddle, outdoor lessons are immediately halted at the sight of lightning. A continuation of the outdoor lesson may be provided after 1 hour of no sight of lightning. Thunder results in a 30 minute outdoor lesson delay.  PCS does not cancel lessons for thunder or lightning – unmounted, indoor lessons will be provided if outdoor lessons need to be halted. Instructor/Program discretion will be used if strong winds are an issue, and lessons will be moved to unmounted. Tornado Watch/Warning: Panther Creek will cancel lessons in the event of a Tornado watch or warning. If a Tornado Watch is issued for Panther Creek during lessons, lessons will be halted and students/working students should be picked up immediately. Staff will contact any parents who are not onsite at the time. If a Tornado Warning is issued for Panther Creek during lessons, students and staff will immediately seek shelter in approved areas. These policies are reviewed with students once per session during emergency week. In this scenario, makeup lessons will be provided on an as-needed basis per the discretion of Panther Creek.


Accidents happen in students’ lives in and outside of lessons.  If your student is injured and can no longer continue with the session, you will not owe for any remaining lessons.  To be eligible for this invoice cancellation, students must present a doctor’s note stating that they can not ride.  Students are asked to also present a doctor’s note stating that they can return to riding when they are ready to start again. Students who are eligible to return to lessons before make up week will utilize the make up toward lesson from their leave due to injury. Student is not eligible to make up or be refunded for any other lesson missed that session.

Non-Solicitation Policy

The student and/or caregiver(s) hereby covenants and agrees that, for such time during service engagement with Panther Creek and for a period of eighteen months following the termination of the services engagement with the Company, it will not (and will cause its Affiliates to not), directly or indirectly, solicit for employment or services and/or any instructor, person or  employee of Panther Creek.

PCS Lesson Student Policies Agreement